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Are you obese? Are you suffering as a result of your obesity? Do you want help to solve your problem? Make an appointment at the MOM obesity treatment centre and discuss it with a specialist before scheduling a full assessment. A multi-disciplinary committee will analyse your case to offer you the most suitable medical or surgical treatment. Remember that you will have to prepare for any operation. You should find out the possible disadvantages, any potential complications and the things that you must do after an operation for the best results.

Calculate your BMI

To find out how severe your obesity is, you have to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). This number is the ratio between weight and height.

The first consultation

Undergoing an operation to remedy severe or morbid obesity is a major decision. It requires preparation and adequate time to think it through once you have obtained the relevant information. The aim of the first consultation is to provide you with all the information you need in order to consider the operation. It also gives you an opportunity to ask all the questions that will be useful to you when making your decision.

The comprehensive patient assessment

To offer you the best possible treatment for your case, we will conduct a full assessment of your obesity. For you, this will be an opportunity to meet all the specialists. Doctors from all the specialist areas will then attend a meeting to compare and contrast their various opinions and suggest the most effective treatment for you.


You will be admitted to the Clinique du Millénaire the day before your operation and you will stay for four to seven days afterwards. Your operation will last for between 1 and 3 hours and will be carried out under general anaesthetic. After surgery, you will be transferred to intensive care before returning to conventional hospital accommodation. You’ll be off work for at least two weeks after your discharge from hospital.


Surgery has proven effectiveness in the treatment of morbid obesity but it is not, by any means, a “miracle cure”. After the operation, there are certain rules to comply with and you must follow the nutritional advice you’re given to ensure that the improvements obtained from bariatric surgery are long lasting. The success of your operation depends on you.

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