The comprehensive patient assessment

To offer you the best possible treatment for your case, we will conduct a full assessment of your obesity. For you, this will be an opportunity to meet all the specialists. Doctors from all the specialist areas will then attend a meeting to compare and contrast their various opinions and suggest the most effective treatment for you.

The full assessment will be conducted one to two months after the first consultation. It will take two days to complete.

  • Day 1: you’ll have a consultation with the endocrinologist and two examinations – a chest xray and an abdominal ultrasound.
  • You’ll then spend the night at the Clinique du Millénaire to register your sleep patterns (and check whether you suffer from sleep apnoea).
  • Day 2: you’ll have consultations with the cardiologist, the respiratory physician and the dietitian, and two further examinations – a respiratory function test and a gastric fibroscopy.

Why will I see an endocrinologist?

This doctor specialises in nutrition, metabolism and hormones. He will look for any particular causes of your obesity (e.g. hormone-related disease) that may require specific treatment.

Why will I see a psychiatrist?

The psychiatrist will check whether there are any psychiatric or psychological contraindications to surgery, such as mood swings or eating disorders.

Why will I see a cardiologist?

The cardiologist will conduct tests (ECG, cardiac ultrasound and, in some cases, more advanced examinations) to see whether you are suffering from any cardiac complications as a result of your obesity and to check that the condition of your heart will allow you to undergo surgery.

Why will I see a respiratory physician?

A respiratory physician will conduct tests (respiratory function tests and sleep apnoea) to see whether you are suffering from any medical complications as a result of your obesity and to check that the condition of your lungs will allow you to undergo an anaesthetic and surgery.

Why will I see a gastroenterologist and have a fibroscopy?

The fibroscopy is mandatory. It is used to detect any diseases in the stomach or oesophagus that might change the type of surgery required (e.g. stomach polyps), require surgery to be delayed while you are receiving treatment (e.g. oesophagitis with acid reflux, or Helicobacter pylori infection), and in a few, very rare cases, prevent surgery altogether (e.g. stomach tumour).

Practical details:

  • To simplify the medical follow-up and avoid unnecessary travelling, all the examinations are carried out at the MOM treatment centre and the neighbouring Clinique du Millénaire.  
  • You don’t have to worry about making appointments for these examinations and consultations. Our nurse coordinator will organise everything for you.

After the assessment:

Your file, with all the results of the comprehensive assessment, will be discussed at a meeting of the medical specialists (the surgeons, a psychiatrist, an anaesthetist, the two endocrinologists, a dietitian, a gastroenterologist and the nurse coordinator).  This group will examine your case and recommend the most appropriate course of treatment.

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