The first consultation

Undergoing an operation to remedy severe or morbid obesity is a major decision. It requires preparation and adequate time to think it through once you have obtained the relevant information. The aim of the first consultation is to provide you with all the information you need in order to consider the operation. It also gives you an opportunity to ask all the questions that will be useful to you when making your decision.

What are the aims of the first consultation?

  • To enable you to meet a surgeon
  • To confirm the severity of your obesity by calculating your BMI and discussing the repercussions of your obesity on your medical, physical and social condition
  • To discuss the history of your obesity and the attempts you have made to reverse it in the past (diets, medication etc.)
  • To explain the various possible solutions: medical treatments and surgery
  • To check your motivation and discuss treatment, including surgery

N.B.: If you wish to make an appointment at the Centre, you will see a surgeon if your BMI is greater than 35 (severe to morbid obesity) and you are thinking about a surgical solution. If your BMI is under 35 (simple obesity) and/or you are not considering surgery at all, you will see an endocrinologist.

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This website is designed to provide information but it cannot replace a consultation.

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