Nowadays, there are effective surgical treatments for morbid obesity but surgery is not systematically used in every case. Often, nutritional monitoring or high-quality therapeutic education are sufficient. At MOM, we never have any preconceived ideas or ready-made solutions. We suggest the best solution for your case, whether or not it involves surgery.

Surgical treatments (weight loss surgery / bariatric surgery)

Surgical treatment for obesity (bariatric surgery) may be offered to people who are morbidly obese (BMI> 40) or severely obese (BMI> 35), with medical complications. These patients will already have tried one or more forms of treatment, which will have been correctly carried out but not produced results. Before bariatric surgery is discussed, patients must meet a certain number of medical criteria and be free of any contraindications. They must be motivated and aware of the benefits and, more importantly, they must understand the disadvantages and constraints of any surgical procedure. They must also be ready to change their eating habits after the operation if the procedure is to be successful in the long-term.

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