Intragastric balloon

The operation will last for 1 hour (if no complications)

Average duration of hospitalisation 1 day (if no complications)

Le ballon intragastrique

Information updated on 25/03/2017

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Using gastric fibroscopy, an inflatable balloon (inflated with water or air) is placed in your stomach. The balloon gives your stomach an artificial feeling of fullness. You’ll feel full more quickly during a meal and will therefore eat less. Weight loss is generally between 10 kg and 15 kg. The balloon lasts for six months but must then be removed, again by fibroscopy.

What are the advantages?

  • Totally reversible procedure with no after-effects
  • Only one day’s hospitalisation required for insertion (day hospital)

Disadvantages of the surgery

It is temporary. The balloon lasts for an average of six months and, once removed, there may be further weight gain.

  • This procedure is not reimbursed by the French healthcare system
  • Expected weight loss is much less than that obtained from surgery
  • Adverse reactions are not serious but they are common in the first few days: nausea, pain
  • Complications are very rare but serious (<1%): bowel obstruction, migration of the balloon
  • Needs at least two gastric fibroscopies under general anaesthetic

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