Nutritional education

There is no question of putting you on yet another diet. The aim is to help you correct your eating disorders (there must be some) by giving you reliable nutritional knowledge. Some patients just need to learn a few tips and tricks to improve their eating habits effectively and sustainably. Other patients need to re-learn the basics of normal diet all over again.

Nutritional education can be provided in one of two ways:

  • through a period of hospitalisation at the Clinique des Oliviers in Gallargues-le-Montueux, 30 km from Montpellier. This is the quickest, most effective method. Endocrinologists with specialist knowledge in the treatment of obesity, assisted by dietitians and a physiotherapist / sports coach will help you to make steady progress during your stay. The clinic also offers a programme of therapeutic education that takes the form of short-stay hospitalisation (12 days). It has been specially designed for patients who are preparing for surgery. The programme is called "Living Well with Obesity Surgery".
  • regular consultations with a dietitian and/or the Centre’s endocrinologist.

Psychiatric care is also part of the medical treatment. Regular follow-up with the psychiatrist is sometimes recommended for people who have an abnormal relationship with food (compulsive eating, comfort eating) or who have psychological difficulties (in many cases, depression) that limit effectiveness. Some people require prior treatment.

What are the advantages?
  • Obviously the safest weight loss method.
What are the disadvantages?
  • There may be insufficient weight loss or it may be difficult to keep the weight off over the longer term.

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