Gastric sleeve

The operation will last for 45 minutes to 1 hour (if no complications)

Average duration of hospitalisation 4 to 5 days (if no complications)

Sleeve Gastrectomie

  • commonest bariatric surgery in France
  • requires 4 to 5 laparoscopic openings

Information updated on 29/07/2019

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The sleeve is a technique that has been used for the past ten or twelve years. It consists of reducing the size of the stomach by two-thirds. Its effect is to produce a feeling of fullness more quickly during meals and it also has a hormonal effect which decreases feelings of hunger.


  • expected weight loss of between 70% and 100% of excess weight after two years, i.e. a loss of approximately 30 kg to 45 kg for a person of average height (1.70 m) with a BMI of 40 kg/m²
  • procedure undertaken for the past twelve years, with well-established results
  • a technique that rarely upsets the digestion of food (vomiting, swallowing problems and dumping syndrome are very rare)
  • decreases hunger pangs
  • no need to take vitamins for the rest of your life (deficiencies are rare and easy to overcome)

Disadvantages of the surgery

  • death rate of 0.2% (source: HAS)
  • possibility of acid reflux, but this is usually temporary
  • possible complications: ulcer, gastric leak or shrinkage, haemorrhage, intestinal occlusion

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