Medical obesity treatment centre in Montpellier

The Centre is located in the immediate vicinity of the Clinique du Millénaire in the south of France. This ensures that it has the high-tech infrastructure and equipment that are required for the treatment of obesity. The Centre’s new premises provide tranquil surroundings for medical and surgical care. If you wish, you can also contact the patients’ association, Montpellier Obésité.

Tour of the Centre

In the peaceful surroundings of the MOM (Millennium Obesity Montpellier) treatment centre, a modern building adjacent to the Clinique du Millénaire, you’ll meet specialists and staff who will listen to what you have to say, provide support and help you in your quest to beat obesity.

Patients’ association

Deciding to take steps to overcome obesity can be difficult. This is why existing patients, and former patients who have already received treatment or undergone an operation at MOM, have got together to form the Montpellier Obesity Association.

Millénaire Obésité Montpellier - Obesity treatment centre

Obesity treatment

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Fax : +33 4 67 42 42 66

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