The Centre in brief

The obesity treatment centre, Millénaire Obésité Montpellier (MOM), is part of the Clinique du Millénaire, where the bariatric surgery is carried out. The Centre’s premises, in the recent "Le Fahrenheit" building next to the clinic, are spacious, pleasantly designed, and well-equipped. In fact, everything has been done to ensure that you feel at ease, even on your first visit.

A centre specialising in medical and surgical treatment for severe obesity

The Centre has four offices for pre- and post-operative consultations with surgeons and other medical specialists (endocrinologists, psychiatrists and dietitians). The examinations that are part of the pre-operative assessment, and the operations themselves, all take place at the Clinique du Millénaire. For practical reasons, and to put you at your ease, all the specialists you meet work in the same place. You will receive all your care within the Clinique du Millénaire, from your very first consultation to the operation and post-operative follow-ups (surgical follow-up, psychological counselling, dietary advice etc.).

A strict but caring approach

The reputation of the obesity treatment centre is based on the skills and experience of its team, its strict compliance with recommendations on good professional practice (as listed by the HAS and scientific groups specialising in the treatment of obesity), its high-tech materials and its high-quality facilities (beds, toilets, showers, operating rooms and operating tables specially adapted for severely obese patients).

Another sign of quality is the fact that all the MOM specialists work within the OC santé Group, Languedoc-Roussillon’s premier network for private healthcare, which has a total of 17 clinics (including the Clinique du Millénaire).

You will be looked after by specialists who know all there is to know about the problem of severe obesity. You will be listened to and supported. You’ll be able to ask about all your concerns.

Personalised care and the right solutions for you

There are many reasons for obesity and many which increase its likelihood e.g. lifestyle, poor diet, hormonal imbalances, events in everyday life, genetic factors etc. Each case requires special attention and personalised solutions.

Together, we’ll look at your situation and your requirements. The specialists in the obesity treatment centre (surgeons, anaesthetists, cardiologists, respiratory physicians, endocrinologists, dietitians, psychiatrists and nurses) will undertake a full examination of the state of your health before recommending the most suitable treatment for your particular case. They will help you to recover quickly and look forward to the future calmly and confidently.

Bariatric surgery is one of the most effective ways of obtaining significant weight loss quickly and sustainably and is particularly suitable for cases of serious (or morbid) obesity. Because of this, the treatment is frequently used and offered by the Centre but it is not the only solution and other methods may be suggested if you’re not ready to take the surgical approach or if you do not meet the medical criteria for such a procedure.

To find out more and make an appointment please call:
Reception: +33 4 67 42 19 70
24/7 emergency phone no.: 08 26 88 88 83

Millénaire Obésité Montpellier - Obesity treatment centre

Obesity treatment

Tel. : +33 4 67 42 19 70
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